Thursday, March 6, 2008

Art of Flirting: The Art of Flirting is Something Everyone Should Know

There is nothing more sad than remembering a crush that you had in which you did nothing about it, only to find out after it was too late that the person felt the same way but was just waiting for you to make a move. You definitely don’t want such a thing to happen again if you think you’ve found a new love interest, and you can make sure it doesn’t happen again by learning the art of flirting.

The Art of Flirting Starts with Knowing About Yourself

The old adage is true: you can’t love another until you truly love yourself. The same is true when it comes to the art of flirting. Before you decide to give the art of flirting a try for the first time, carefully consider what kinds of flirting tactics would work well with you. Would you like it if someone came up to you and started a friendly conversation, or would that make you uncomfortable?

The Art of Flirting is All About Subtlety

Although some people like it when people aggressively flirt with them, the true art of flirting is based upon subtlety. If you see someone who you are interested in, give them a stare that says you find them attractive. However, do not stare too long, because that can be rather uncomfortable. Also, if you already know the person, start inserting little compliments into the conversations that you two have.

The Art of Flirting Leaves a Person Wanting More

Along the same lines of being subtle, it is important for you to flirt in a way that indicates possible seduction. This should only be attempted once you have established that the other person is, in fact, single. However, when your flirting gets to that sensual point, pull back a bit. No, you’re not being a tease; you’re actually making things better, by showing the other person what you’re capable of, and that might increase the other person’s curiosity and interest.

While sometimes it is important for people to try new things, when it comes to the art of flirting, you should start with the techniques you feel the most comfortable with. After all, dating can be stressful enough. So, when it comes to the true art of flirting, just be yourself, and if the person doesn’t seem interested, then they simply weren’t the right person for you anyway!